Auto Renew and Refund Information

Auto Renew

Fitii App Limited’s (“us”, “we”, “our”) customer’s auto-renewal of their Fitii App licence is referred to in the agreed End-User Licence Agreement (“Agreement”) made between us and our App licensees (“you”, “your”).

In order to help you stay fit and healthy and have an uninterrupted service in using the App, at the end of your chosen Agreement licence subscription period we will automatically, unless you tell us not to, renew your Agreement licence subscription for the same period of time as your then existing licence term.

This will happen at the end of each licence term until you cancel. We will notify you at the outset through our website at (“Site”) which is where we store and manage your App account details. Our holding and using this information has been consented to by you in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We will charge you through the payment method and details we have for you on file the undiscounted then-standard Agreement licence subscription price. Please note that any promotional introductory offers to new customers are not repeated. Accordingly:

  • If you do NOT want to renew please notify us through your billing/upgrade area on the Site at: [LINLK TO RELEVANT SITE PAGE]; or
  • contact us here [INSERT LINK]; or
  • email us at


If you believe you qualify for a refund, please see our refund terms and conditions in the Agreement. These specify that cancellation is possible within 14 days of the initial grant of the App licence under the Agreement, but not thereafter or when Auto Renewals have occurred.